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Have you set a plan for the next holiday? What about Bali? There are so many options of top destination in Bali. The island is a perfect blend of natural and cultural attractions.  Bali is the place for those who want to enjoy great nature with exotic views, cultural attractions, white sand beaches, day trips and excursions, watersports, foods and nightlife, and even private tours.

Three Areas of Top Destination in Bali

If you avoid crowded places like Denpasar and Kuta, the following options may fit your preferences:

Complete Packages in Ubud

There are tens or even hundreds of things to do in Ubud. Moreover, booking hotel here is hassle free since the options are numerous, from budget homestays to luxury resorts. It is also the place for cultural landmarks, such as ancient temples, wonderful scenes of rice terraces, great hill panoramas, as well as the centers for arts, crafts, museums, and galleries. In other words, you can enjoy different attractions at a single place. The following are among the must-visit destinations in Ubud:

  • Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

The cave is built on a hillside, which is surrounded by the magnificent views of rice fields. Despite the name, you will not find any elephant here. You can feel the sacred atmosphere. Learn the rules (like clothing rule) before entering the cave.

  • Monkey Forest

The forest is located at Padangtegal, Ubud Bali. Do you think this will be a challenging trip? Not so. It turns out that you will have an enjoyable walk through the exotic rainforest. Many tourists said that walking through the banyan trees is just wonderful. Challenge your nerve here! Be careful of the monkeys!

  • Kecak Dance

This traditional dance performance is held every Monday night at the temple on Junjungan Village. The performance involves all families in the villages. Around 60 men wearing sarong deliver the soundtrack, while dancers perform a story inspired from Ramayana.

  • Countryside trip

There are numerous spots to enjoy the magnificent view of Ubud villages. They include Campuhan Ridge, Tegallalang rice terraces, and many other spots. You may choose to rent a motorbike, a bike, or just walk to explore the beauty of Ubud’s countryside.

  • Temple Tour

The options are varied, including Puri Saren Royal Place, which is near to Goa Gajah and Ubud Art Market. Therefore, you can visit several destinations in a single trip. Another choice is Pura Gunung Kawi, which is accessible with only a 30-minute drive from the center of Ubud. You can visit this temple along with Tirta Empul Temple.

  • Museum

After enjoying a countryside trip at Campuhan Ridge, you can visit Blanco Renaissance Museum, which was the studio as well as the house of the late maestro, Don Antonio Blanco. Another option is Agung Rai Museum of Art, which is located at Pengosekan, Ubud. The museum displays numerous private artwork collections.

Of course, those are only fragments of the things you can do in Ubud. Plan your trip ahead to get cheap flight and hotel, and enjoy an unforgettable visit here.

Temple Tour in Tabanan

Tabanan is located to the west of Denpasar city. It is known for agricultural produce and handicraft products. Therefore, if you love collecting crafts made of bamboo, ceramic, or wood, Tabanan is the right place to go. However, Tabanan is also known for an array of temples and historical tourist destinations, including:

  • Malen Temple in Batungsel Village; it offers a charming feel, thus making it suitable for a family trip
  • Ulun Danu Temple; this is the second largest temple in Bali after Pura Besakih. As the name suggests, the temple is located on the shores of Lake Beratan.
  • Luhur Batukaru Temple in Penebel, Tabanan, Bali. This is a great destination, thanks to the calming feel and fresh mountain air surrounding the area.
  • Tanah Lot; the tourist attraction is known for twin unique temples located on a large rock on the beach shores. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a beautiful sunset in Tabanan.
  • Alas Kedaton Temple; if you want to visit a historical and religious site while challenging your nerve, Pura Alas Kedaton is the choice. Located in the middle of forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys, the area actually has a calming but sacred atmosphere.
  • Butterfly Park; imagine yourself in a fairy tale, in which you play with thousands of beautiful butterfly. Yes, Butterfly Park in Tabanan is the largest butterfly preservation and breeding park in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia.

Tabanan may not be as busy as Kuta or Seminyak, but it offers the real feel of Bali, since you can visit a number of religious sites in their very natural setting. They are the most important part of top destination in Bali.

Secluded Beaches in Jimbaran

If Kuta Beach is too crowded for you, then secluded Beaches in Jimbaran, Bali, is the choice. It is also the right destination for surf spots and reef breaks. Jimbaran is known for rugged terrain with secluded coasts, where you can spend the day surfing, or walking along the clean coastline.

Booking flights and hotels in Jimbaran is trouble free, since there are so many accommodation facilities here. The following are the most popular beaches in Jimbaran:

  • Suluban Beach; this is the most unique coast and a hidden paradise in Bali, thanks to the natural limestone surrounding the area. It is hidden by a looming cliff face. Suluban beach is not the place for swimming or sunbathing, but it is perfect for professional surfers.
  • Padang Padang Beach; it is one the most favorite surfing sports in Bali. It has supporting weather for surfing, thanks to the steady flow wave. The view is wonderful with coastal forests as the background.
  • Pandawa Beach; being another hidden paradise in Bali, Pandawa beach features the epic characters of Mahabrata, just as the name suggests. It is a great spot for watersports.
  • Balangan Beach; the scenic beach is home to pro surfers who love challenging the wave.
  • Dreamland Beach; this destination is also dubbed New Kuta Beach. Unlike the touristy Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach is more secluded, thus making it ideal for surfing. Here, you can get surf classes and riding lessons.

There are many other choices of top destination in Bali. Your time is never enough to visit favorite places in this island. So, this is the time for hunting cheap flight and booking hotels at the most competitive rates. Enjoy the beauty of Bali.

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