Cheap Flight to Thailand: The Best Time and Places to Visit

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Life flows normally in Thailand. However, the country is attracting tourism during certain months of the year. This is the best time for you to hunt cheap flight to Thailand and enjoy a memorable tour. There are many interesting destinations, which you should not miss when visiting the country.

Thailand represents the real mix of tradition and modernity. You can clearly see this from how life goes on in Bangkok. When getting into the downtown, you will be served with the view of modern skyscrapers shelter, decor boutiques, international hotels and restaurants, hip bars and clubs, and cutting-edge fashion. However, the city also keeps the historic core like splendid temples, historic building from the 18th century, canal-side markets, and many more.

Cheap Flight to Thailand: The Best Time to Visit

Season is an important consideration before hunting cheap flight to Thailand and choosing the destinations to visit. In general, the climate in most areas in Thailand is classified into three. Rainy season goes from May to October. Cool season runs from November to February of the following year and hot season from March to May.

Rainy season is the least recommended time to make a trip, since it is the least predictable season of the year. There will be rain most days, particularly in the afternoon or at night. The peak of rainy season usually happens in September to October. Enjoying street foods along the muddy road is certainly not so great, right?

Visiting Thailand during the hot season is fine, particularly if you love spending time at the beach. Nonetheless, the best time to visit Thailand is during the cool season. November to February is the most manageable temperatures, but this is also the busiest season. Therefore, you need to plan a head the trip; otherwise, it will be challenging to get cheap hotel rooms and cheap flight to Thailand.

Cheap Flight To Thailand At Hand? Top Destinations in Bangkok

Of course, Thailand has so many wonderful destinations. If you choose to visit the Capital of the country, then, the following are the must-visit options:

Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you visit Bangkok on weekend, do not miss the Chatuchak market, or JJ market (abbreviated from Jatu Jak). It offers an enjoyable shopping experience, as it offer various items. You can get cheap secondhand books, household items as well as fashion items. JJ market is also a great place to visit for those who love traditional and antique collections. Here, you can get traditional cotton clothing, local crafts, hand-made silver jewelry, antique sarong, and many more.

Grand Palace

Visiting Bangkok is not complete if you miss this huge complex. Here, you can enjoy a wonderful experience visiting the country’s most beautiful and holiest temple, called Wat Phra Kaeo. The temple also houses Thailand’s most important image, namely Emerald Buddha. You can do many things here, from learning the history of the previous kingdom’s life to visiting textile museum.

Theme Parks and Amusement Centers

If you are lucky enough to get cheap flight to Thailand with family, Bangkok offers great options for your kids. You can take them to a number of amusement centers, museum, and theme parks. They include Museum of Siam, Snake Farm, Siam Ocean World Aquarium, Siam Park, and Dusit Zoo. Visiting Prayoon, your kids can enjoy feeding the turtles. Surely, your kids will be excited doing pedal-boating in Lumphini Park or cycling around the Ancient City of Muang Boran.

Cheap Flight to Thailand At Hand? What to Do in Pattaya and Phuket

After Bangkok, Pattaya is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. Pattaya is popular for its watersport activities. If you love challenging your nerve and adrenalin, this is the first place to go. The following are among the must-do activities here:

  • Diving and snorkeling. Pattaya may not be the best place for diving and snorkeling in Thailand, but it offers more consistent underwater visibility. Popular places to dive include Ko Rin, Ko Klun Badaan, and Ko Man Wichai.
  • Pattaya and the nearest beach, Jomtien, offer ideal spots for parasailing, jet ski, and water ski.
  • Cooking class. You can join morning or afternoon cooking classes. The Happy Home cooking class includes a market visit, where you can find traditional food ingredients in fresh condition. There are also vegetarian class and weekly dessert class.
  • Relieve your mind and body after visiting great places by joining message session. You can have a Thai massage, foot massage, herbal compress, or traditional Soi Yodsak.

After Pattaya, another must-visit region in Thailand is Phuket. It ranks among the most spectacular diving and snorkeling spots in the world. The best places for diving and snorkeling include Anemone reef, Burma Banks, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, King Cruiser, Ko Similan, Ko Surin, Ko Phi Pi, and many more.

Of course, diving and snorkeling are not the only activities to do in Phuket. They include the following:

  • Kid-special destinations include Butterfly Garden and Insect World, Shell Museum in Rawai, Aquarium on Laem Panwa, or the Big Buddha near Chalong.
  • For adventurers, you should not miss the thrill of bicycle touring to Phuket’s rural hinterland or multi-day rides to Phang Nga Bay, elephant riding, mini-golf, kite-boarding, surfing, and many more.

Concluding Remarks on Cheap Flight to Thailand

Many travel packages are available to Thailand. The country offers unlimited opportunities for island hopping. There are many paradisiacal islands, where you can spend unforgettable moments or challenge your nerve. By exploring the wonderful beaches and diving into the water, you will have a perfect trip here. Learn new things about Thai culture by visiting traditional markets, batik-making centers, rubber production center, and temples.

Again, some of the best spots in this country are located in remote islands. During the rainy season, climate factors can give significant effects on the road condition, traffic, and seawater flows. So, make sure that you plan the trip ahead. Good planning makes your trip easier. You can also get affordable hotel room and cheap flight to Thailand by booking your flight far before the peak season.

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